I’m listening to you, but in my mind I’m painting…

Apr 27, 2022

So many times I become involved in conversations that don’t seem to hold my attention. More than likely I have other things on my mind.

As artists, we become more and more involved in what we love to do, or need to do. Creating art in paint, pencil, clay or whatever it is.  We may have full or part time jobs that need our attention but the ART, like the Sirens singing to ancient Maritime Sailors causing them to crash their ships keeps calling. I dealt with this as I began to work more and more. I had difficulty keeping the worlds separate. I tried fairly to make sure I kept my employers happy all the while satisfying my craving.  I liked nothing more than when people would ask about my weekend show or what I was working on at the time. One advantage of my artistic skills was my drawing abilities and how it helped me in the Mechanical Design world. I could sketch and draw using my left brain. The right brain would then become the analytical evil brother so to speak. In many meetings, if I wasn’t involved in a conversation, I would be painting in my mind. If not painting, it would be something else art related.  I have to be very careful driving long distances. The lack of traffic patterns and holding the wheel while on cruise is a time to ponder. Coupled with that, the quick head snaps when I see something “paintable” that sparks and idea. If I can have my wife drive, I’ll play quick draw and make sketches of things I see as we pass by. Its a good game to play. I did this once in Tennessee as we passed barns I had not seen before. I have several little doodles to use in the future. I couldn’t do this while driving.

Next time you are having a chat with an artist, see if you can sense that you have their attention. Other than looking at the cell phone, they may glaze over if the topic doesn’t make sense, or they simply aren’t there with you in the moment. But rest assured, they do care about what you are saying, just not that much. Be understanding and know that the creative mind never takes a holiday.

How about you? Email me if you are an artist and share your stories. I’d like to hear from you.