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IMG_0088Paul has been presenting workshops and classes for the last twenty five years in a variety of  locations and venues. He has traveled to Chatham MA on Cape Cod, Englewood FL, Mt. Vernon IL and New Cumberland PA to name a few. He has also taught in Canada. He teaches Adult Continuing Education classes at his local high school and the Artstore in Rochester NY. In the summer, he teaches three days in Clayton NY at the Thousand Islands Art Center.

Working with all skill levels, the workshops and classes are either theme oriented, meaning they focus on painting a specific subject such as barns or streams. Other sessions might be broken down into smaller less daunting projects as simple as painting a tree, rocks in water or snow, reflections or other subjects. In all his teachings, Paul emphasizes shape, texture and edges. Nothing we paint or draw is the real thing. We are “symbolizing” what we see as soon as we begin to graphically represent it on paper. Learn just what these terms mean and how they interrelate when making a painting. Paul makes it all quite simple.

Drawing and planning are essential components of preparing to paint especially in watercolor. Good planning alleviates the frustrations encountered when a painting gets to a point of confusion. Not having a good plan or “roadmap” through the journey will force you off track and probably stall your progress. Paul shows you how to set yourself up for success and keep moving.

In all of his classes and workshops, Paul demonstrates first. After a bit of “in your head” lecture as he calls it, he will put what he says into action on paper with the brush. It will all make sense when you see him work and listen to him explain what he’s doing. Then, you get to try what you have just seen Paul do. He won’t leave you hanging. He will come around to each student and spend some time re-inforcing his lesson.

The only difference between his theme class and the simplified version is the full demonstration of a painting from the drawing to completion. Paul will explain in detail how he developed the idea or what motivated him to do this painting.  Watch him draw the outline on his paper from his plan and then shape by shape, fill in the parts until the painting is finished. This demo usually fills the morning hours of a class day, a break for lunch and then the afternoon is time for the students to work. There is an evaluation (we don’t say ‘critique” in his classes) session for the works in progress or completed close to the end of the day. Paul’s painting is also evaluated. How else will you find out if he made some mis-judgements in his work?

If you are participating in a multiple day workshop, each day presents a new demonstration and builds on the previous days work.  The schedule is the same, opening with a morning demo, lunch, then student time to work followed by the evaluation. Most of the multiple workshops are three days but five would be the maximum.

Paul is available to travel to your area to present a one day or three day workshop. To receive a full color brochure about the workshops, please email Paul via the contact form.

Paul is presenting his self organized classes in Rochester. He hold Friday morning sessions from 9:30-12 and a once a month all day on a Saturday. To see the schedule and topics being presented, go to the Classes and Workshops page on the right hand margin of this site. You can see the paintings done in his Friday classes on the Workshop References and Demonstrations page.

Thank you.

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