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Choose STUDIO STYLE or PLEIN AIRE (painted outside on location, offered new this year)

In the Studio Style, by default,  Paul works from photographs and sketches to create your painting in the studio, especially if it’s a  watercolor. This is how most of his paintings are done in any medium, especially if it’s very warm out or weather inclement.

In the Plein Aire Style, Paul comes to your location and does the work on site with very little planning and sketching upfront.  This is an interesting process, as you get to see the work as it develops, and he can clearly interpret the shapes in front of him making the work “painterly”. It’s one way Paul provides his interpretation of your cottage, home, boat, river view or what have you. Feel free to take photographs as he works. These make for great conversation pieces. It may take more than one visit to complete the painting depending on medium, weather, light and time. Provided conditions are favorable, Paul will spend the day on your art.  Final work on the painting may be done in the studio if necessary.

In either approach, Paul prefers to come to the location and take photos, which also gives him a chance to “see” up close any details that are not obvious in a photo. If you can not be present during his visit, you may set up another meeting, or allow him to go on site alone. You will have to give him a sense of your special wishes afterwards.


You can choose to have your painting done in one of three mediums, however, large works ( as well as Plein Aire) are preferrably done in oil or acrylic. The watercolor size limit would be 30″ in length. Oil and acrylic plein aires should be limited to 24 x 18″ but  larger sizes will be considered. Plein Aires are individually priced by project over these standard sizes and cost. Different formats ie; rectangular, but within the same square inches are priced equally. Paul reserves the right to adjust the prices up for complexity.


11 x 14: $350.00,   20 x 16: $450.00, 24 x 18: $550.00. (A smaller “sketch painting” may be done prior to your larger piece, and remains the property of the artist.) For larger paintings, please request a quote.


Commissions for watercolors begin at $400.00 (15 x 11) for basic landscapes, cottages, homes, boats etc. Additional items add to the cost over and above the agreed to design. Framing and matting is not included, but can be added.


15 x 11, $400.00, 20 x 16     19 x 13, $600.00, 24 x 18      30 x 18, $800.00 36 x 24   (For larger paintings, please request a quote)

Will your painting be a gift for Christmas? It should be scheduled no later than October 1st.  Delivery should be taken by December 1st to allow time for framing. It may not take 2 months for completion, but the extra time would be beneficial close to the holidays.

Please email Paul via the contact form and let him know of your needs for a painting. He will be glad to work with you. A copy of the contract is linked below. Paul reserves the right to decline a plein aire commission based on complexity and or time constraints.

Art for Commission Contract

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