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About Gallery Wrap Canvas Prints


In the same manner that an artist will stretch canvas in preparations for painting, Giclee’ canvas prints are handled the same way. The one difference being that the image is already on the canvas. (see The Giclee’ Printing Process page for more info.) In many cases, the image is “wrapped” around the edges as well. One may find this technique applied to originals as the artist paints the edges in alignment with the front. It’s a neat look and can be a cost saver when one doesn’t purchase a frame.

Our wraps stop short of wrapping around the edge and are finished off with matte black. Often times too much of the image is sacrificed which is undesirable, thus, we show a minimum of the image around the edge and then finish it off with black. The back of the art is covered and taped off as well. Hanging hardware is provided on the back wire. If you would prefer a “full wrap”, please let us know.

Once completed,  canvas wraps are varnished to brighten colors, provide  UV protection and image longevity.

Any image on the website can be ordered as a wrap. It can be as small as 8 x 10 and up. 48″ would be a good limiting dimension with any length, so anything 48″ tall x some length. Look at the Panorama Wraps in the gallery. These are cropped from other images. Perhaps you would have your own idea for a cropping. If you have questions, or need a quote on making a wrap from an image you like, please contact Paul via the contact form.


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