Algosteel at Rock Island

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The Algosteel is one of many ships in the Algo Ship Line. There is the Algoma, Algosea, Algolake and others. Lake freighters unlike the “Salties” that are ocean going vessels,  have the wheel house in the bow and the power house in the stern. That’s one easy way to recognize the lakers from the salties. The Algosteel in this image is passing the Rock Island Light on its way upriver towards Lake Ontario. Prior to reaching the lake, the Cape Vincent Pilot Boat will meet the ship while underway and pick up the pilot that has been navigating the seaway from Maseena. The ship captain has to relinquish the helm to the pilot during the entire journey, whether upriver or down. Someday I would like to take a trip on a ship for the experience and even paint a part of the ship while aboard. I do know a pilot so he may have a way to arrange that. I’m sure there’s red tape to making that happen however.

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