Amaryllis B and B – Rockport Ontario

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Original watercolor on paper panel, 8 x 8 framed

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The Amaryllis is a floating B and B tied to Amaryllis island in the Lake of the Isles along the northern edge of Wellesley Island. visitors are taken to their quarters from Rockport on the shore of the St. Lawrence to the north. It’s a short 15 minute boat ride by water taxi, usually via Andress Boat Works if the conditions are ideal. I had seen this floating house (as I thought it was) as a boy while fishing with my dad. Here I am, years later as a painter influenced by my days as a boy filled with curiosity capturing it in watercolor. One day I will canoe closer for a better view and perhaps a tour aboard. Stay posted.

This painting, done in watercolor, has been mounted on a panel, sealed, and varnished with a UV protectant. This eliminates the need for matting and glass.