Farming the Rockweed

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Original Watercolor 18 x 30 on paper unframed.

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One summer long ago I went to Grand Manan Island off the coast of Maine. I was invited along with my family, to visit the island at the invitation of another artist from Rochester. It had been her place of R and R as well as a place for inspiration. We decided to make this stop along with several others along the Maine coast as I had never seen the shores of the state. While on the island, and always looking for something nautical to come around, I spotted this long boat with a one man and his rake. He was dragging Rockweed from the surface and piling it into his boat. I don’t honestly know what the boat type is called. After some research, I found out that the weed is taken to the airport on the island and spread out to dry. Its rolled over to break all the sacks with in the structure of the weeds. Once dried, the weed is ground up and used for cattle feed. There are those that are against the farming as it destroys a natural habitat for sea life. I don’t know if the process is still continuing today, nearly 20 years after our visit.