Frozen River

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Original acrylic on panel, 9″ x 15-1/2″ unframed

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When one lives on the river year round they experience all the seasons. Winter can be an eerily quiet time. The sound of the ships and motor boats is gone giving way to the occasional snowmobile. Anglers are seated by their tip ups where they might drift in a boat.  Few people are on the river, as they have left for the winter. Tour boats are at rest. The temperatures can be frigidly cold. I recall many times my father having to heat the pipes under the house as they froze over night leaving us without running water. We didn’t have a basement. There wasn’t that much snow but it was very cold at times. As the river changed from a dark smooth mirror of water, these temperatures would snap freeze the river surface, eventually becoming feet thick. Stay away from the clear dark ice. Its to thin. If the water was swift enough, it wouldn’t freeze, leaving a gap of open water. This small expanse would reflect the mornings light in the middle of the snow laden ice. This is the inspiration behind Frozen River. The ice in the foreground is free of snow but reflects the colors of the sun in its dull surface. Its cold morning, but the sun will bring a brightness to the snow and perhaps a few icicles will drip, only to freeze again in the night.