Furnace Falls, Lyndhurst Ontario Canada

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Original watercolor and Ink on paper unframed.

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On a plein-air trip with my friend Bruce Sherman of Kingston Ontario, he took me to Lyndhurst. A small hamlet seemingly out in the middle of no where. We parked and strolled about to find the view most appealing. The falls were right below us as we could hear the rushing water. Long ago, the falls powered a manufacturing business on the small river. Bruce decided to set up down in a shady spot by the fast moving water. I chose to go up the street level and attempt a drawing in ink of the stone bridge and houses along the road. I did not know that this one road would be so busy with semi trucks. One went by about every 10 minutes along with other traffic. Behind me and woman was setting up a table outside her store to draw in shoppers. How I accomplished what I did is a surprise to me. But its all about being out there as Bruce calls it. Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad. I guess Bruce knew better this time out.