Low Tide

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Original watercolor with permanent ink, 13 x 19 unframed.

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This painting is not any specific location, but inspired by life at the coast. I enjoy fishing boats and the sea as painting subjects but its not someplace I would live. As an artist I know these types of images are popular but at the same time, my background in maritime art influences my choices of subject matter. I suppose I should say these buildings are from Grand Manan Island but I have flipped them to the left. They were in an area called Seal Cove. I did paint the buildings long ago after seeing them on the island. The boat is part of my collection of “symbols” as I call it. As a painter I am always collecting symbols for works that I feel are also great shapes. When I typically look for something to paint, it will sometimes be the shape of something not the location or actual subject. It can also be the perspective and the relationship to my eye level. This piece represents all of that.