Lures and Bobbers

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Original watercolor on paper framed.

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This painting is the result of my dentist asking me if I don’t paint anything else but landscapes, ships, lighthouses and the like. I said, “Well, like what for instance?” He says, “How about fishing lures or something like that?” So, with that in mind, and sort of looking for a new “thing” to add to my painting history, I found my tackle box and looked over my meager collection. I don’t get to fish much and I don’t put money into the sport as many do. I’m content to cast my line and catch nothing all day. So, after looking over a few and borrowing some, I began holding each one up in front of my eyes and drawing. Each time I chose one I would place it on the paper in a different view eventually mixing in lead weights and bobbers This is the result. Its a collage of sorts. I always thought this might make a cool border paper for a boys room..or girls I guess. I did another one in the vertical orientation. Its a print only on this site. Shop under Fishing.