Maritime Still Life

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During a July 2018 trip to Cape Cod, we stayed in the Bradford on Commercial in Wellfleet MA. We rented for the summer of 2005 while I tried my hand at the gallery business in One morning I walked out Commercial Street to the harbor as I did nearly every morning that summer of ’05. Just before the fork in the road to the docks or along Mayo Beach, I came upon the shack that was slammed shut in ’05, but since then it has come to life being used as a business. In front of this building was a cat boat up on stands and behind it, this randomly tossed gear and two small prams laid on their sides so as to not fill with water. The mushroom anchors coated in rust along with the heavy chains are typical in that they have the tall staff or mast for the changing tides. The spherical buoys are numbered to identify the owner. This random arrangement was so appealing that I returned to the condo to get my drawing tools and field book.

This painting, done in line and watercolor, has been mounted on a panel, sealed and varnished with a UV protectant. This eliminates the need for matting and glass. (The light gray area surrounding the image is actually white paper.)