Monument Falls

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Original watercolor 18″ x 30″ unframed.

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Monument Falls is a transition on the Ausable River in the Adirondacks near Lake Placid NY. Not far from two other areas I have painted, Shadow Rock and The Flats, the falls is a spot where anglers will set up below the white water in hopes to catch a beauty of a Trout or Salmon. As difficult as it is the the fishermen to get to the low points, I too had to walk a distance from a parking area with my camera. My wife was usually along, and would try to be very patient while I stopped every time something grabbed my eye along the road that paralleled the river. Of course, there are other drivers behind that don’t appreciate the fact that I’m not keeping pace. Little do they know an artist is looking for his next inspiration. The results of all this is one of my favorite watercolors. From the time I located the falls until I had the drawing on the paper, I was confident this would be a successful work.