Morning Crossing

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When one gets up very early on the St. Lawrence River, and takes to the water as the sun rises, its as though you are seeing something for the first time. You may wonder, “How come I have not experienced this light, this mood, the glorious empty water?” Well, my answer would be, “I’m still sleeping.” It was day to drive the boat from the cottage to Clayton. I had to teach a painting class at the Thousand Islands Arts Center.  First off, the boat ride is far more relaxing and invigorating, secondly, one can bypass the lines at the border. My dad always said there’s no reason to take a car when you can travel by boat. Checking in is still required so don’t forget your passport or enhanced license. The only issue that may concern me is the boat stalling out when I HAVE to be at a specific place at a specific time. Only once did the boat hiccup and I said out loud, “There will be none of that.” I guess it heard me. On the way across the American channel nearing Clayton, I saw this shimmering surface of the river and thought it deserved recording. The two colors used emphasize the light of that morning. The tree masses become silhouettes against the bright sky. The shimmer tell it all. This is a morning on the river and you get to see it first, so you believe.

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17 ½ x 11, 8 x 10 matted