Red Tin Boat

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Original Oil on canvas 8 x 10 unframed

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This red tin boat has been docked here yearly during the summers at our cottage. I have always planned to do this painting. It would have been in watercolor for sure. But, as I am exploring oil painting, I thought this might be a good time to try it.

The old red Johnson outboard may bring back memories for some of you. It does me, although we are a “Merc” family and always will be. This is my brothers boat with the motor he repainted. I don’t think he did much in the way of mechanicals on it but it does run. Its surrounded by the bright green algae that sits on the dark water. A shadow of the boathouse is cast forming the triangular golden yellow green oatmeal. Much of the boat is in that shadow.  I could have the motor the focal point but its probably getting attention regardless.

Maybe I’ll take this antique for a ride this summer and rekindle my memories of my childhood as I hold the rudder arm and turn the throttle until she planes off. What a ride.