Rusted Out

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Original watercolor and ink framed 8 x 8 in walnut and black.

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I found this old tractor on a plein-air day in Florida. I met a group at the Flager Agricultural Museum in 2020 for a day painting around the grounds. I worked on a couple barn paintings and then decided to take a stroll. Out back were the very old and out of service farm implements and machinery. There were a few tractors laying amongst the palmetto and weeds being over  taken by foliage. This Allis Chalmers tractor caught my eye so I snapped a few photos for later. I didn’t have time to set up to paint there. I actually did this painting on an RV trip that coming summer. Its a great time to paint and be outside if there’s nothing within a short walk. That’s not an excuse though. Some days nothing will jump out that makes you want to gear up and get out there.

This painting, done in line and watercolor, has been mounted on a panel, sealed, and varnished with a UV protectant. This eliminates the need for matting and glass.