Rusted Rudder

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Original watercolor on paper panel framed 8 x 8 in walnut and black.

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I like this up close view at times as there a certain amount of ambiguity to it. People look at the image and can’t quite make it out. Of course, boaters know right away what the shapes are. Its not a view most take in every day. This is where the artists creative eye comes to play. Many times it not the view right in front of me that the best one. I crouch, kneel, lay down if necessary but any way I can, I find that unique perspective on almost everyday things. Its not an all the time thing for me. Sometimes it just happens that I look in the right direction and there it is.

This painting, done watercolor, has been mounted on a panel, sealed, and varnished with a UV protectant. This eliminates the need for matting and glass.