Serenity on Crossover Island

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Original acrylic on canvas 10 x 20 framed

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Crossover Island gets its name as the point along the St. Lawrence Seaway where the great freighter must change to the Canadian channel to navigate deeper waters and fewer islands. Hence, they “crossover” while making the long turn around the island. I call this painting Serenity on Crossover as I can imagine being on the island surrounded by water where no one can get to you accept by boat. Mornings are quiet when the water is still, and the nights romantic as the stars are glorious in the open sky. Occasionally, a ship will make the crossover at night, its lights moving along at a snails pace. You can feel the churn and beat of the propeller as its sound echoes on the river bed. If its quiet enough, the water breaking under the bow can be heard but only briefly as the ship disappears into the night. The lights shimmer still, and can be seen for miles, as they should be.