Sunrise on the River

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Canvas print 16 x 29 from the original painting. Varnished for UV protection, un-stretched. Ships rolled. Request a quote for custom sizes. Maximum length 60”.

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When I painted this image, I wanted to have you experience the feel of a river morning sunrise. The undersides of the clouds are decorated with the glow of the sun while shaded areas are cooler in color. The water carries these reflections as well. The channel marker provides a scaling for the ship in the distance. It was all about the sunlight and colors that give us a sense of romance. The ship is unladen headed to another port to take on some cargo. We know this by the exposed height of the hull above the water.

About the canvas printing: The canvas prints are prepared for standard framing stretcher thickness. When the canvas arrives, lay it out to relax for a day or so. Take it to a framer who will build a stretcher and wrap the canvas. The frame you selected will then be made to fit. Dust the surface off regularly without solvents. Remember the top and back of the artwork as well to keep the spiders from making a home. We hope you have many years of enjoying your artwork. Thank you.