The Christmas Ship

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Imagine for a moment its a cold winter evening. The snow under your feet crunches. You didn’t want to come out but the your Golden had to take care of business. The dog doesn’t seem phased by the temperature. Periodically, he stands there, looking about, his warm breath easily seen and you can here his panting since its so quiet. Then your ears here a slight rhythmic knocking as though a drummer is coming along, but that’s not possible.  Then, you look to your right between the buildings and snow covered pines. There it is. The Christmas Ship. Its your first time seeing the mysterious vessel. You had heard stories about how a ship is decorated for the holiday with lights and trees but never had you seen it. Its just you and the dog. You didn’t bring your camera ( or your cell phone ). As though it a UFO, on one will believe you actually saw it. The dog won’t talk that’s for sure. So, you take the memory home and keep it to yourself. It only mattered that your best friend was there with you to see it.

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17 ½ x 11, 8 x 10 matted