The Ledges Skiff House-Deer Island

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Original watercolor, 9 x 12 framed

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This painting goes along with the Ledges Skull and Crossbones piece from 2021. Built with the same structure of stone and wood, its an ideal partner to the first. When I first saw the property, there was a nice big fir tree next to the building. I have no ideas what happened to it but, alas, its gone. The house was done in ink and wash but this piece uses heavy graphite pencil although much of it is not visible. I have been doing the ink line in a direct fashion without much roughing in. The pencil is handled the same way. I have gained more confidence in the drawing portion and symbolism I use. I’m continuing to paint on my home made watercolor panels that don’t require matting and glass for the finished piece. This is new piece is done in the same fashion.