Watercolor, Line and Wash Workshop – Cap’t Mac’s Place – Sat. Sept. 23rd 2023 (CANCELLED AS OF 9/19)



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One day, September 23rd 2023 9:30-4:30
Caledonia NY, Bill White Studio
Limited to 10 seats, $59.00 per person per day
All supplies provided.

Join Paul in re-creating this painting from his earlier years in Line and Wash. This is Cap’t Macs Place. He was Paul’s father’s cousin Don McLaughlin. Don and his dad were not just cousins, but someone they each could rely on for anything that needed fixing, especially Don’s old boat Lil Putt. Paul spent many summer days at the boathouse swimming and exploring the shore while dad and Don tinkered, sipped cool drinks and laughed about nearly everything. The boathouse is actually blue, however Paul changed it to an all-white shape for this painting. He thought it might have greater contrast and he was right. Since then, Paul has learned more about values and value patterns. Paul will explain his use of value patterns and how they can be applied to express a different mood. Its takes practice but over time, things fall in place.