We Meet Again

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Canvas print 16 x 29 from the original painting. Varnished for UV protection, un-stretched. Ships rolled. Request a quote for custom sizes. Maximum length 60”.


If you have never been on the river at night and experienced the setting sun while watching ships glide quietly across the silky water, then you have missed out on a true River Moment. Those that live on the river know this too well. They also know there will be a signal of horn blasts as the ships approach each other to say, “Passing Port to Port” which is a single blast, returned in kind. When I was younger I would hear the ships from my cottage in Canada miles away. My dad would say, “The ships are calling”. I learned later on, they were calling me to paint.

About the canvas printing: The canvas prints are prepared for standard framing stretcher thickness. When the canvas arrives, lay it out to relax for a day or so. Take it to a framer who will build a stretcher and wrap the canvas. The frame you selected will then be made to fit. Dust the surface off regularly without solvents. Remember the top and back of the artwork as well to keep the spiders from making a home. We hope you have many years of enjoying your artwork. Thank you.