Supplies for the DK Art Supply Line and Wash

Basic Supplies List for Watercolor, Line and Wash Supplied
Mondays in March with Paul Allen Taylor through DK Art Supply.

o   Watercolor paper: A single quarter sheet of paper 11 x 15, Arches 140 cp is best.

o   Paint: Tube paint is best*

o   Colors: Alizarin Crimson, Ultra Marine Blue, Raw Sienna, Hookers Green, Cad Yellow Light

o   Brushes: Flats, 1”, ¾ inch and 1/2:”           Rounds: #10, #6 and #4 Liner

o   Palette: Any palette will do if there is a good mixing area. Supplied palettes have wells.

o   Two small plastic water containers.

o   Medium Cellulose kitchen sponge

o   Paper towels

o   2H pencil

o   Eraser

o   Permanent Black India ink. (Black Magic)*

o   Alvin Scott B2 4 Jaw Lead Holder

o   4 medium sized clips to hold the paper to the support.

o   Support board, 12 x 16. Be sure that the support is waterproof.

o   Matches

o   Razor knife

If bringing your own supplies: Please bring Black Magic Permanent Ink, waterproof support 12 x 16, and the 4 office clips in addition to your own supplies.