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Out and About: Locations I will be painting


Now, not all artists can be sure of days and times they will be outside trying some plein air painting, but, any chance I get, I may just post it here even if its that day. I don’t know if this sort of spontaneity will ever take place, but maybe I should be starting a snap chat group or something. I will put locations that I might be planning to work, or have “signed up” to paint either by competition or otherwise. If you happen to see a listing, and wonder if I’m out there, give me a text and I’ll answer. Stop by for a chat, but try not to linger too long. 585-334-3417

June 10th, 2017, Canandaigua Plein Air Community Paint Out. Location TBD when I get there. Match Stick and Watercolor of something architectural I expect along Main Street. More to follow.

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