The Lyman

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Original watercolor done with Line and Wash. 13 x 19 on Arches 140lb CP paper unframed.


I was inspired to do this painting when I was in Rockport Ontario on the St. Lawrence River. Glancing to my left, the image with the strong cast shadows and bright sun at the top of the hill got my attention. Painters spend much of their time looking and seeing. We are always thinking about that next painting. Originally there were cars parks by the barn, but I chose to swap them for the antique Lyman on a trailer. It’s not unusual to see boats on the roadside in this little village. I felt the scene was quite dramatic, leading me to work rather dark to let the sun cast light show.

I have another image on this site called Entering Rockport. That view is from the hilltop looking out towards the river. Its interesting to see the different vantage points.